When are you open?

The office is open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday

We are not open weekends

We encourage consumers to call ahead and book an appointment to speak to an advisor.

Can I drop in for advice?

We advise you to book an appointment with the relevant worker, but we may be able to give general advice and information if you drop in.

We operate a drop in on Wednesdays with an American Sign Language Interpreter for Deaf consumers.

Can you refer me to other services?

Yes! BCID has a wealth of knowledge about local services. We can give you information about other support services, and on occasions we can call on your behalf.

We cannot act as a referral for medical situations, we can provide information of local medical practices, but do not offer recommendations.

Are you Lawyers?

No, we can refer you to a Lawyer and we can give information and advice. We can not give legal advice, but we have over 50 years experience in advocating with people with disabilities.

Is BCID a residential service?

No, we are not a residential service. We do not own housing or provide residential services. We are an information and referral service. Centre for Independent living refers to our philosophy of encouraging people to live independently. We do not offer housing.

Do you provide metrocards?

No, we are a not for profit agency and do not have the capacity to provide metrocards, however we can assist with the applications for half fare cards and access a ride. We are conveniently located in downtown Brooklyn.