Since 1956, BCID has been a consumer-based, non-profit agency providing services and advocacy toward independent living for individuals with disabilities.

Welcome to BCID!

BCID is hosting two new support groups.   

  • On Wednesdays, through Goodwill Industries, there is a job readiness support group from 10am-noon for consumers with mental illness.

  • We are also hosting an  Asperger Syndrome & High-Functioning Autism Association  support group for parents and family members on the first Tuesday of the month from 6-7:30pm.  For more information about these groups, and to confirm meeting dates and times, call BCID at 718-998-3000.





Court in BCID v. Bloomberg  Finds City Discriminated Against

People with Disabilities in Its Emergency Preparations

Last November, a  Federal court ruled that New York City discriminated against people with disabilities by failing to provide them with meaningful access to its emergency preparedness program in several ways.  Among the areas specifically mentioned were evacuation from high rise buildings and transportation for people with disabilities, as well as issues within the shelter system.
     The court's ruling established the city's liability. The parties will have the opportunity to propose and negotiate remedies. If the parties cannot agree, the   court will impose remedies. 
   BCID v. Bloomberg was filed a year before Superstorm Sandy hit New York.  However, Sandy highlighted the issues that advocates had been raising for years.   BCID thanks our attorneys, Disability Rights Advocates, for their tremendous work on behalf of people with disabilities!

 BCID v. Bloomberg has received extensive media coverage across the country.  Some links:

Judge: New York City Doesn’t Protect Disabled in Emergencies

Ruling On NYC Disaster Plans For Disabled May Have Far Reach

  But the real impact of the case can be seen in educational workshops like "Is Your Plan Good Enough? BCID v Bloomberg and the Future of Emergency Planning," which is being held at the 2014 National Hurricane Conference for emergency planners in April.



BCID Launches Project Opening Doors

To encourage greater access for people with disabilities in Brooklyn, BCID wants to recognize those businesses and establishments that are actively taking steps to include people with disabilities as customers, as patrons, as employees  -– as fully participating members of the community.

 Please let us know if there is a business that you consider “disability friendly.”  It may have built a ramp so wheelchairs can get in, printed material in accessible formats, have employees who are knowledgeable about assisting people with disabilities, or have hired people with disabilities. In other words, it helps people with disabilities live more independently in their daily life.   Send an email to with the name of the business, the address and why you think they should be recognized for what they have done for customers with disabilities.

For more information on how to become accessible or about tax incentives, businesses can contact Gabriela Amari at 718-993-3000 or


Hurricane Sandy: For disaster-related resources and updates click on this link



 BCID now offers Free Financial Coaching provided by the Financial Coaching Corps of the

Community Service Society of New York

Are financial problems causing you stress?

A Financial Coach can assist you in developing the skills needed to manage money and gain financial stability in the following areas:

  • Reviewing and Understanding Your Credit Report
  • Addressing Debt–Related Legal Problems
  • Dealing with Debt Collectors
  • Setting Financial Goals
  • Budgeting and Saving
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Exploring Public Benefit/Tax Credit Eligibility

And get your free credit report!

For more information or to make an appointment please contact BCID at 718-998-3000.



For more than 55 years, BCID has empowered people with disabilities in Brooklyn to lead independent lives.  We also work to break down barriers that keep people with disabilities from accessing the same opportunities as other people.

We have a lot going on at BCID.  Besides providing services to individuals, BCID offers many opportunities for people with disabilities to learn skills, get support from others and help make the community more accessible for all people with disabilities.

* Our Barrier Busters program trains volunteers to go out in the community and work with business owners to make their businesses more accessible

* Through the Brooklyn Systems Change Network, people with disabilities can learn advocacy skills and take action on issues that affect our community.

* We have a weekly group where deaf individuals can learn basic computer skills

* Our weekly Support Group offers people with disabilities the opportunity to share their experiences with each other

To find out more, check our calendar page, or contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!



 Read the Consumer Rights & Responsibilities and Grievance Procedure





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